Learn How Technology Enhances Construction And Benefits A Home Owner

Homes are mostly a sentimental acquisition for most owners. That is also the reason that society has a huge gap between people that consider a house to be either an asset or liability. No matter which side of the spectrum one falls, it is obvious that owning a home is better than not having one.

The millennial tech savvy age group is big on improving home construction, automating home appliances and maximizing connectivity. It is this energy that has seen a boom in the rise of the Internet of Things. This trend among other new age developments helps home improvement professionals ease mundane operations during work and reduce the construction costs covered by the home owner.

Ways technology has improved home crafting

Home construction schemes have undergone massive evolution in the last century along from basic designing to tech-driven cutting edge fashions. With the integration of science and arts, builders were able to birth new home models, work faster and produce more efficient works. There are hundreds of improvements in the home architecture forum some including:

Home inspection tech

  1. Possibility to work faster using changeable graphic representations of the house. One efficient software that allows contractors to capture a house’s architecture is the Skitch app from Evernote. Instead of verbally explaining any faulty issues on the house to the client, the builder simply highlights the problem areas in images. These home inspection software reduce assessment time and heighten efficiency as opposed to what you would get with a manual home inspection.
  2. Use of acoustic sensors to search for termite infested areas. The technology is faster than the traditional manual investigation process that was also prone to not identifying hidden spaces fostering termites.
  3. One Chinese construction firm recently launched a 57 story building after building it simultaneously alongside an off-site modular structure. The tech reduces waste at the actual site, fastens construction and enhances the building’s longevity.

Surveying technology

  1. Traditionally, contractors would take tape measurements to determine how the house fits into the landscape and land size. Today, HD digital survey equipment point out lot lines with mathematical accuracy and place the house in the most convenient space.
  2. Using asset mapping software like architects can determine how to install various equipment such as lighting, security systems, and air conditioning and heating systems. The equipment is then connected to the real time system using the Internet of Things. The connectivity helps in managing the overall performance of assets and ultimately reduce insurance cost on the home owner’s end.

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