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Welcome to the latest blog from Pro Plus Home Inspection, we have opened up this blog to offer the very latest in advice about everything you need to know when it comes to inspection for works on your home and garden. With our experience in the field of home improvement we are happy to showcase some of the things you need to look out for when buying or maintaining a home. This can range from a simple thing from a lock fitting through to bigger issues such as damp and moisture that can cause problems with your ceilings, this can become dangerous if not hiring an expert to look into it.

Below are some of the things that we will give our advice on during this blog:

Air Conditioning

The best air conditioning should be working fine without any health hazards, by law this should be regularly checked to ensure that there are no dangers and that the air is clean from germs. We advise on the best methods of checking and safetly disarming these to ensure that you can easily replace the units without any problem.

Energy Efficiency

Your home energy rating is important and therefore we advise on the type of things you can do to make this environmentally friendly, whether its by the use of UPVC Windows and Doors and double glazed windows or through heating systems that trap in the heat and don’t let it go to waste. Carrying out energy performance certificates is the best way of completing this area of work. It’s great to get one of these certificates before marketing your property.

Lofts and Asbestos

Ensuring your loft environment is safe and clean is very important to any home owner, chemicals like asbestos can often lead to sickness and is very hazardous to your house, by inspecting this thoroughly it means that you can easily be safe in this environment, whether your a landlord of a property or you want to convert this space into a double bedroom. Safety is important when it comes to this and therefore a staircase should be looked at and also inspected.

Mold and Mildew

Common in old properties and one of the most common problems when buying or selling a home, as moisture builds up in the walls then cracks can start to appear and this is where things can start to get dangerous, by inspecting this very closely you can often ensure that you protect yourself from inhaling the mould which can be a target for environmental health agencies throughout the country.


Plumbing is something that is essential for any home, by having the correct up to date water pipes and a good working boiler it means that the home can be used without any worry of the loss of hot water or issues with taps. Fitting to the pipelines is needed in order to get a decent amount of water into your home for use. Do not forget the importance of clean running water, ensure that the drain and vent pipes are all functional and that a sewer inspection is carried out to prevent any problems when moving in and using the toilet.

There are many different other inspection topics that can be visited within our new home inspection blog, please keep up to date with the blog to see what we can offer with our latest home improvement updates.

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