Outdoor Renovation – Choosing the style of your doors and windows

When you decide to invest in new double glazing and doors you may be doing it because the existing ones are in need of renovation or that you need some better protection from the elements. One thing you might not get to think about is the aesthetics of the outdoor area of your home and how this can become a design decision for the people who see the outdoors of your home. There are many ideas you will have complete control of, such as the colour of your doors, the materials the windows and doors are made out of and if they have a particular carved style. Here are just a few ideas:

French doors and windows

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If your looking at french doors and windows which are a popular modern day choice. They can come in a variety of different materials including timber, modern aluminium or maintenance free UPVC. The windows come in sections and can be tailored or joined to a large area in order to provide a big open space suitable for large family gatherings, allowing lots of light in.

There are virtually many options when it comes to doors, many website have door designers which are online applications where you can customise your door before buying. Harvey’s Windows have a great selection of doors for Leicestershire customers and have their own door designer. The french doors and windows can fit to any curve so you may even consider having a builder create an extension if you have the budget. These doors can be large and work well infront of a patio allowing access to your back garden, allowing you to take things out from your home with ease. There is an online door designer available at Harvey’s Doors for Leicester & Loughborough area of the website.

UPVC Windows

If you go for UPVC there are some environmental concerns but they offer a zero maintenance solution to having windows fitted in your home. Timber windows will suit a home with a retro feel, houses from the 1930’s across the UK will not want to have their outdoor appearance compromised with a modern feel. You can also choose oak if you want a long lasting material on your home. One thing that should not be overlooked are the potential costs involved with your investment but also the value it will add to your home. If you have your house valued after work with exterior improvements you will see a big difference. Don’t forget though that people walking past your home that might be looking to buy, this could advertise your home and make it easy to sell if thats what you want to do in future.

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