Inspection of Concrete Flooring and Preparation

When working on a home inspection all floors are checked to ensure they are stable enough to carry the weight of the people and furniture required within the house. Depending on how the floors have been constructed there can often be issues that arise which are not obvious by just looking at the floor itself. Concrete has a lot of different properties that make it what it is and has overtime become a standard in flooring, especially on the outside and in car parks.

All concrete surfaces must be smooth before applying wood flooring or laminate floor options, if the floor lacks the smooth finish required then often this can lead to further issues as uneven flooring and at worst damping – which is covered in our moisture inspectors info part that we released previously. But what can you do about floors in your home? – We spoke to some experts in the field of concrete surfaces, whether this be blast cleaners dealing with concrete surfaces or manufacturers of concrete, here is some of the information we got from them and how it can effect your floors.

Keeping your concrete surface flat


As the base of your floor is made of concrete with a flooring layer over the top or solid carpet you can often employ the services of a blast cleaner,  get the latest information on concrete floor preparation techniques such as shot blasting so that you know the right equipment that is used for smoothing out the concrete and making the floor free from subsides that might cause problems when having further work done. With this in mind, Shot blasting is generally a good idea for larger floors and is dust free, so it is perfect for safe use in the home as well as it’s standard purpose which is for construction.

If your new home has a patio or outdoor work space you can employ the services of a diamond grinding machine to straighten out concrete slabs, this takes a little longer but has a great effectiveness and can be used to get thoose hard to reach areas that can cause problems with restricted access.

Inspecting the areas nearby


A decent floor installation leaves the groundwork open to enable a straight wooden sideboard along with efficient carpet fitting and level furniture fittings. You could say that overall that the groundwork of your surface preparation is the most important element of your home, that combined with your walls and roof, without these elements your home can be unstable. Check out the status of a building with the local authorities, many listed buildings may contain surfaces made from wood which also might need to be replaced. If you are constructing the new area with the use of concrete make sure you find a suitable blasting technique to smooth out the concrete before applying new layers.

For more check out BTL’s floor preparation info.

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