4 Steps To Take Before Putting Your House On The Market

If you’re planning on selling your home, be prepared for a long process. It’s not a “walk in the park” placing your home on the market. It can be emotionally and physically draining to an individual. However, if you plan right, know what to expect and trust the process, it will eliminate most of the burden. Here are essential steps to take before putting your house on the market.


1. Inspect Your Home

When you have your home inspected, you will understand that maybe your home isn’t worth what you thought. What I mean is that homeowners are very emotionally attached to their investment. Therefore, they put an estimate on the price that they feel their home should be placed. Owners will include a lot of factors that realistically doesn’t matter to the buyer nor the market itself, such as: sentimental values and how much work was put into the home over the years. When you allow your home to be inspected, there are no surprises as it pertains to damages or things to be worked on, instead of waiting at closing. It is always better to be proactive in your approaches because it’s just good business.

2. Understand Your Market

This is a crucial part of the process as well. When you understand your area and comparables in your area, you won’t risk overpricing your home or under pricing it. For example, if you have a big beautiful home, in a neighborhood with abandoned homes, don’t expect to get full “top dollar” for your investment. This is because neighborhoods can devalue a home all by itself. Therefore, you would have to do your research on what homes in your neighborhood, similar to your square footage, rooms, etc, has sold for. It makes perfect sense to exercise this step because it can definitely save you from having your home on the market so long, and lose value because your pricing was ridiculously off.

3. Give Your Home A “Touch Up”

This step can be minimal or you can go all out, it’s really up to you. However, fresh coats of paint, re-doing cabinets, making sure your kitchen and bathroom is up-to-date, clean up outside, etc; can all make a big difference in presentation and prospects. Consider this process a small detail that makes a big difference.

4. Have A Marketing Strategy

Decide whether you will be using a real estate agent or will you be selling your home yourself. Some owners would rather sell themselves to save and collect the 6% commission that the agent would be receiving. If you choose to market yourself, then it’s important to have deadlines and contingency plans in place in case your house doesn’t sell as quick. It would be good to have an agent in your back pocket just in case.

Make it a point to breeze through the home-selling process as much as you can. It can be a bittersweet time, but it doesn’t have to be stressful.

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